We get it, accidents happen. If your lens filter develops a crack from an accidental drop, don't worry about it, you're covered! We will replace your lens filter up to 3 times provided you can get it back to us. You are also covered for manufacturer defects for LIFE!


Did you accidentally put your lens in the same pocket as your keys? Probably not. But if you do develop a scratch on your lens filter you're covered! Just contact us to get the filter back in our hands and we will replace it for you! No hassle.


Loose Glass

If the glass on your lens filter some how finds a way to come loose or even fall out. We will replace it. While there has been no cases of this actually happening we just want to cover all bases with the level of support we aim to provide.

Loose Threads

If the threads are loose on your lens filter we will send you a replacement once we receive it and inspect it. This should never happen but if it does just know we have you covered.

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